Following the light of the sun, we left the Old World.

— Inscription on Columbus' caravels


2008 Winners

2008  Winners

Great time today at the Annual Dinner

It was my first attendance to the Annual DInner.. and a great time it was. It was nice to see everyone again. The Russian Hall was great, and the food fabulous. Thirds anyone???

Got my own copy of the Huygens landing, with all the features.... What a vid!...

Next year.. I'll have some pics to submit!!!


NJAG party

During the May meeting several members suggested we have a party again.  Phil, Jim P, and I have been looking at several restaurants for ideas.  The plan was to decide by the July meeting.  If any of you folks have an idea, please share it with us. 



The Winners

The Winners

The Happy Winners

Eclipse Glasses

Eclipse Glasses

At our annual dinner in March, 2004 Kevin supplied us all with eclipse glasses for the upcoming transit of Venus. Many people also won door prizes