"Man will never reach the moon regardless of all future scientific advances."

— Dr. Lee De Forest

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Sun July 6, 2012

El Sol

Here's a photo of the sun.  I had an impossible time finding a perfect focus.  I used a Celestron SP-C6 telescope and an Olympus C-4040Zoom.  I was very impressed with the Thousand Oaks Solar Filter.  The RG film is great.  I used to use Roger Tutthill's solar filter.  Oaks is a more natural color instead of blue.

Reading Under The Stars Night - Clifton School Number Four

Here a bunch of thank you letters NJAG received after helping School Four of Clifton, NJ with an astronomy night.  They are fantastic.

M82 Galaxy's Mysterious Radio Waves by Linda Moulton Howe


I was listening to the radio program Coast to Coast this morning and heard about a mysterious object in M82.  http://www.coasttocoastam.com/   I believe this program often has off the wall articles, but the story I've linked is about astronomy.  The link above cuts straight to the story.


State of New Jersey offers Non-Profits computers

The State offers non-profit charitable organizations the chance to get computers.  I don't see the NJAG as such a charity, but we do help schools from time to time and other and it is defined and registered as a non-profit with NJ.  Should we look into getting one for say: astrophotography, web development, SETI, etc? 


Any thoughts on a project?

Celestron FirstScope Telescope

Celestron FirstScope Telescope

I purchased this telescope from BJ's just to see for myself how good it was.  It was cheap.  The sale price I got with a coupon was $40.  The scope comes with a dobsonian mount that is pretty good, but a bit lightweight.  That's suppose to be a selling point according to Celestron.  It moved very smoothly.  The scope comes with two Huygen eyepieces 4mm and 20mm or 75X and 15X.  I used both and at low power I had no problem, but the eyepieces are usually the weak spot of any telescope at that price.  I used my own 12mm plossl, 7.4mm Teleview and a 18mm

Astro Dinner

We discussed having a dinner.  It's really important to get together on this now if we are going to make it happen in November as suggested at our last meeting on July 8th by Mary Lou.  We need a head count.  Mark E. was to contact a restaurant or two and Mike W was to send out requests for door prizes.  Now your part is telling us yes or no.  If we can't make November, how about in February like in really old times.  Correct me if I'm wrong about the old time dates.  All I can remember was being snowed out several years.

Riker Hill Astronomy Night

If clouds don't interfere, the International Spaces Station will be visible on Friday, May 29, 2009, during the telescope night at Riker Hill Art Park in Livingston, NJ.

ISS 08:37:43 pm WNW 08:40:02 46° -3.2 (very bright)

The Black Hole

I came across this and thought I had to share with you. Black holes are interesting. Enjoy the movie at the link below.


Belting Out A Physics Lesson

I heard a story about someone breaking a wine glass with his voice, not the typical opera singer story. Check out the video.

Astronomical League Convention and Exposition for 2009


I got an email about a week ago from Richard Huber of the Amatuer Observers Society of NY.  He is their Co-Chairman of the Astronomical League 2009 Convention Committee.  Check out the website and make plans.  The dates are August 7-8.  Lots of things going on.  Take care.