Oh, would it not be absurd if there was no objective state?
What if the unobserved always waits, insubstantial,
till our eyes give it shape?

— Peter Hammill

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How AI mathematicians might finally deliver human-level reasoning

Wed, 04/10/2024 - 12:00pm
Artificial intelligence is taking on some of the hardest problems in pure maths, arguably demonstrating sophisticated reasoning and creativity – and a big step forward for AI
Categories: Astronomy

Treating gum disease may ward off an irregular heartbeat

Wed, 04/10/2024 - 6:00am
Inflamed gum tissue may allow bacteria in the mouth to enter the bloodstream, which could affect the heart
Categories: Astronomy

Mathematician wins Turing award for harnessing randomness

Wed, 04/10/2024 - 6:00am
Avi Wigderson has won the 2023 Turing award for his work on understanding how randomness can shape and improve computer algorithms
Categories: Astronomy

Phone batteries could last 50% longer if more 5G towers are built

Wed, 04/10/2024 - 2:00am
Adding more masts could reduce the overall energy use of phone networks by two-thirds and boost handset battery life by 50 per cent
Categories: Astronomy

Peter Higgs, physicist who theorised the Higgs boson, has died aged 94

Tue, 04/09/2024 - 5:32pm
Nobel prizewinning theoretical physicist Peter Higgs has died aged 94. He proposed the particle that gives other particles mass – now named the Higgs boson and discovered by the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in 2012
Categories: Astronomy

Oral vaccine prevents recurring UTIs for nine years

Tue, 04/09/2024 - 5:30pm
An oral vaccine in the form of a pineapple-flavoured spray prevented recurrent urinary tract infections in 53.9 per cent of clinical trial participants
Categories: Astronomy

Australia’s Indigenous people were making pottery over 2000 years ago

Tue, 04/09/2024 - 5:00pm
An excavation on an island in the Coral Sea shows that Indigenous Australians were producing ceramics long before the arrival of Europeans
Categories: Astronomy

One of the biggest mysteries of cosmology may finally be solved

Tue, 04/09/2024 - 1:00pm
The expansion rate of the universe, measured by the Hubble constant, has been one of the most controversial numbers in cosmology for years, and we seem at last to be close to nailing it down
Categories: Astronomy

Are you languishing in life? Here’s how to find your purpose again

Tue, 04/09/2024 - 1:00pm
If your life feels aimless and joyless, you may be languishing, says psychologist Corey Keyes — who reveals how it differs from depression and what you can do to flourish instead
Categories: Astronomy

Northern white rhino could be saved from extinction using frozen skin

Tue, 04/09/2024 - 11:01am
We have enough genetic material to bring back the northern white rhino, but doing so won’t be easy
Categories: Astronomy

Prosthetic hands are easier to control using unrelated muscles

Tue, 04/09/2024 - 11:00am
Random-seeming hand gestures seem to help people control prosthetic hands better than ones that mimic their ordinary muscle movements
Categories: Astronomy

The multiverse could be much, much bigger than we ever imagined

Tue, 04/09/2024 - 9:15am
A new way of interpreting the elusive mathematics of quantum mechanics could fundamentally change our understanding of reality
Categories: Astronomy

Physicists created an imaginary magnetic field in real life

Tue, 04/09/2024 - 8:00am
Researchers have used quantum light to create a magnetic field with a strength that is measured in imaginary numbers
Categories: Astronomy

Dumping green sand in shallow seas could let them absorb more CO2

Tue, 04/09/2024 - 2:00am
Releasing 1 gigatonne of ground-up olivine on coastal shelves each year could help lower atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, find researchers, but questions remain over the ecological impact
Categories: Astronomy

March 2024 is the 10th consecutive month to break temperature records

Tue, 04/09/2024 - 1:00am
Every month since April 2023 has been the hottest on record, as climate continues its record-breaking streak
Categories: Astronomy

Eclipse 2024: 5 of the best pictures of the total solar eclipse

Mon, 04/08/2024 - 7:26pm
On 8 April, a total solar eclipse passed over Mexico, the US and Canada – here are some of the most stunning images
Categories: Astronomy

AI pop-ups can help you stop doomscrolling on your phone

Mon, 04/08/2024 - 3:05pm
An AI program can learn from smartphone users' behaviours in order to send timely pop-up reminders about when to close attention-grabbing apps. The system effectively reduced how often people opened apps such as TikTok
Categories: Astronomy

Long covid linked to signs of ongoing inflammatory responses in blood

Mon, 04/08/2024 - 12:00pm
People with long covid after a serious covid-19 infection have raised levels of many immune molecules in their blood. Better understanding how these molecules can vary could lead to more targeted treatments
Categories: Astronomy

Why you may have a stealth liver disease and what to do about it

Mon, 04/08/2024 - 12:00pm
One in three adults have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease – often without knowing. Now we understand what causes this stealthy condition and how to reverse it
Categories: Astronomy

Stone Age blades could have been used for butchery, not just hunting

Mon, 04/08/2024 - 7:40am
A modern butchery experiment using replicas of Stone Age tools raises new questions about how often prehistoric peoples hunted large animals such as bison or mammoths
Categories: Astronomy