Once you can accept the Universe as matter expanding into nothing that is something, wearing stripes with plaid comes easy.

— Albert Einstein

Jupiter and scope

Jupiter and scope

I took my scope outside for the first time in a while today.   So I took a pic to remember the moment.   But first I observed Jupiter for a minute, and then packed it back up and took it inside.   The whole property is brightly lit-- not even one dark spot.   I think I'll just be using my naked eyes and binoculars around hear for night sky observation.   You can leave  a comment if you want-- that way I know someone viewed it.   Public telescope nights started again at Montclair State University.   I think Jupiter is the only thing their scope will be pointed on for now.   But we find other weirder or different things sometimes.   There seems to be more to observe in the winter time.  And it seems to be more fun in the winter despite the cold temperature outside.  

Someone did put up a nice

Someone did put up a nice pic of Jupiter a few days ago. I forgot to leave a complement. I still do not have equipment to take astro pics, except for the moon and wide sky views. I have not even tried to take wide sky view with my newer cam, except for thunderstorms clouds and part of lightning bolt, which did come out interesting. I wish I could clearly capture an entire bolt of lightning. If anyone knows how to take good thunderstorm pics, then let me know. Thank you. At the moment I do not have any plans to acquire any more astro imaging equipment or scopes. But I hope to one day check out Jenny Jump in person, and maybe do some naked eye observing, some through a scope, and maybe take some wide view sky shots, etc. Oh, okay, I see it keeps a read count. Cool. But nice comments are nice anyway and are appreciated. Thank you.