Watch the stars and from them learn. To the Master's honor all must turn, Each in its track, without a sound, Forever tracing Newton's ground

— Albert Einstein

Saturn - upcoming transits

Titan Transit

Saturn is getting bigger and higher.  The dark spot in Saturn is Titan NOT it's shadow.  Titan transits are very rare!  And I'm fortunate to be able to view this.  There are 3 more transits for the year.  The one on February 24 will be a rare quadruple transit!!


I am a new amateur with an 8" Meade Telescope that I managed to get out of focus. Could any of the members help me in getting it back to focus? I live in Morris county, NJ

Thank you.

Kumar UV


You can recollimate the scope with the help of another person who knows what to do. It is easier for two than it is for one person. It should be done under night skies. Email me and let me know where you live
You can also transport it to HighpointScientific which is in northern NJ, they can do it for you during the daytime. Their website is or just give me a call.