"Man will never reach the moon regardless of all future scientific advances."

— Dr. Lee De Forest

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Ready for dinner!!

We are digging in!!.. Trying a fork poke first....        

How would you feel getting poked in the side! LOL    

International Year of Astronomy 2009 and the Telescope

Galileo wasnt the first to have or use a telescope, but the first to put it towards the heavens and make use of it for studies in astronomy

The attached power point file offers a great explanation of the evolution of the early use of the telescope.

Whats with the Sun!!!

Sure now I have a solar telescope, a solar shield for my other telescope and the Sun is in the duldrums!!! The last one last 500 years!!!! (Maunder Minimum)   




I dont have 500 years to spare !!!


Views of icy Mars

As we now have news of ice on mars in what is believed to be water ice. there are photos in the galleries, showing the latest finds, and a gif showing the evaporation process!



Pluto is at it again - Taking Center stage!

Just found an news article... Pluto has a new identity....

An article from www.space.com

Guess everything out there beyond Neptune is now a plutoid!! LOL

On the Loose at the NEAF 2008

Or is it a kid in a toy store!!!

Of course I've been to others trade shows in my time... cars, electronics, trade shows in the medical industry.... but this was my first under the topic of astronomy.

There was of course the great talks given by som many speakers. The only frustration is I didn't have time for them all!! The few I attended were captivating and of course learning experiences.

Strange things happen to the moon??

Dust storms and static discharges oh my! This article came from NASA.... http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2008/17apr_magnetotail.htm?list880574  

Darn I missed it!

I was busy in Michigan this week...didn't notice the big glow in the sky LOL...

But here's a several billion year old gamma burst that occured well before the Earth existed!