Following the light of the sun, we left the Old World.

— Inscription on Columbus' caravels

Rosette Close up

After seeing Joe's close up I remember I got one too.

A detail from the Rosette Nebula which is a vast cloud of dust and gas, extending over an area of more than 1 degree across, or about 5 times the area covered by the full moon. Within the nebula, open star cluster NGC 2244 is situated, consisted of the young stars which recently formed from the nebula's material, and the brightest of which make the nebula shine by exciting its atoms to emit radiation. Diameter of the nebula of about 130 light years.

Discovered by John Flamsteed about 1690.



Rosette Close up


Stunning detail.
Nice work as always.
Thanks for sharing.
What scope and what FL?

Rose details

You know - the 'usual'
- the sxv on the 150mm/1050 mm

Rose details

Very very nice!