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— Oscar Wilde


Pluto Revealed!

Pluto July 13


Here is the best image of Pluto before its historic flyby of Pluto. This image was taken on July 13 and released on the morning of July 14.


New Horizons Plans to Return to Normal Science Operations

July 5, 2015New Horizons Plans July 7 Return to Normal Science Operations

Pluto Charon

A composite of 13x13 arcsec wide images taken with the adaptive optics camera NACO on Yepun, one of the Unit Telescopes of ESO's VLT (Paranal). The images were taken in the K-band (2.2 microns) from about three hours to about one hour before the occultation. All images were centered on Pluto and Charon, the double object visible near the center, with a separation of about 0.9 arcsec. Because of the system's motion, the occulted star, at the right of Pluto and Charon, appears as a dotted trail, and so does another star in the lower left corner.

Pluto Charon