"If you wish to make an apple pie truly from scratch, you must first invent the universe."

— Carl Sagan


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The best Star Wars Prime Day deals and gifts for 2021

Sun, 06/20/2021 - 4:10pm
We've been scouring the web for all the best Star Wars Prime Day gifts to give loved ones (including yourself of course).
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Save 32% on Amazon's Fire TV Stick in Star Wars Mandalorian Blue to stream your sci-fi this Prime Day

Sun, 06/20/2021 - 4:02pm
Amazon Prime's new sci-fi blockbuster "The Tomorrow War" comes out this summer, and you save up to 36% to stream it when you buy an Amazon Fire TV Stick on Prime Day.
Categories: Astronomy

Astronauts on spacewalk deploy first roll-out solar array to boost power for station

Sun, 06/20/2021 - 3:56pm
Astronauts Shane Kimbrough and Thomas Pesquet working outside the International Space Station successfully rolled out a new type of solar array
Categories: Astronomy

On This Day in Space! June 20, 1983: Space Shuttle Challenger deploys Palapa B satellite

Sun, 06/20/2021 - 8:31am
On June 20, 1983, space shuttle Challenger astronauts deployed an Indonesian communications satellite called Palapa-B1. See how it happened in our "On This Day In Space" series!
Categories: Astronomy

Summer solstice 2021 on Father's Day, the longest of the year, marks Earth's changing seasons

Sun, 06/20/2021 - 8:22am
The official start of summer kicks off in the Northern Hemisphere today (June 20) to make Father's Day the longest day of the year.
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King Grimlock rules in IDW's wild 'Transformers' summer comic series

Sun, 06/20/2021 - 8:06am
Writer Steve Orlando and artist Agustin Padilla deliver a rousing sci-fi adventure in IDW's "Transformers: King Grimlock" miniseries.
Categories: Astronomy

100,000 star nurseries mapped in first-of-its-kind survey

Sun, 06/20/2021 - 7:35am
The researchers say that they want to use the survey to better understand our own place in the universe.
Categories: Astronomy

Astronauts will install a new solar array on the International Space Station in a spacewalk today. Here's how to watch.

Sun, 06/20/2021 - 7:19am
Two astronauts plan to continue their solar array work after running out of time during a spacewalk last week.
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Iconic 'Star Wars' X-wing fighter finds a new home at the Smithsonian Museum

Sat, 06/19/2021 - 8:58am
Lucasfilm Ltd. has loaned an actual "Star Wars" X-wing starfighter artifact to the Smithsonian Museum for restoration and display in Washington D.C.
Categories: Astronomy

SpaceX stacking giant Super Heavy rocket ahead of Starship orbital flight test (photo)

Sat, 06/19/2021 - 8:30am
SpaceX is gearing up for the most ambitious test flight yet of its Starship Mars rocket.
Categories: Astronomy

Humanity fights back in EPIX's 'War of the Worlds' season 2

Sat, 06/19/2021 - 8:29am
Gabriel Byrne returns to lead humanity's resurrection in this latest trailer for EPIX' "War of the Worlds" season 2.
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You can celebrate Captain Picard Day in 'Star Trek Fleet Command' right now

Fri, 06/18/2021 - 6:52pm
The mobile "Star Trek" game "Star Trek Fleet Command" is boldly offering a one-week celebration of Jean-Luc Picard this week.
Categories: Astronomy

The best Lego Star Wars deals for Prime Day 2021

Fri, 06/18/2021 - 6:50pm
Here's a look at the Lego Star Wars sets on sale for Amazon Prime Day 2021. Build, or build not — there is no try!
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US Postal Service releases 'Sun Science' stamps with NASA imagery

Fri, 06/18/2021 - 6:32pm
USPS released "Sun Science," a collection of 10 colorful stamps celebrating the study of heliophysics using imagery from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory.
Categories: Astronomy

Playmobil has an epic Star Trek USS Enterprise playset coming soon: report

Fri, 06/18/2021 - 6:25pm
Playmobil will apparently release an epic Star Trek USS Enterprise playset from the Original Series in September.
Categories: Astronomy

Hooded Horse unveils 3 new space strategy games in at E3. Here's their 1st trailer.

Fri, 06/18/2021 - 6:03pm
Three new space strategy games from Hooded Horse were unveiled at the E3 games expo this week with an exclusive, brand-new trailer.
Categories: Astronomy

NASA commemorates Juneteenth with historic view from space

Fri, 06/18/2021 - 5:18pm
NASA is commemorating Juneteenth on Saturday (June 19) with a historic view from space.
Categories: Astronomy

The best Star Trek gift ideas for 2021

Fri, 06/18/2021 - 5:05pm
Drones, books, games, toys and more dominate the multispecies Federation universe
Categories: Astronomy

Turkey aims to send rocket to moon in three years, land lunar rover by 2030

Fri, 06/18/2021 - 4:03pm
Turkey plans to send a rover to the moon by the end of the decade using a domestically built rocket engine that will first fly to the moon in a test mission in 2023.
Categories: Astronomy

The best sci-fi movies and TV shows to watch for Amazon Prime Day 2021

Fri, 06/18/2021 - 4:00pm
Time to catch up on some long overdue sci-fi, so here's our handy guide to what's on.
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