"I have looked farther into space than ever a human being did before me."

— William Herschel


SpaceX's Crew-5 astronaut mission arrives at the International Space Station

Thu, 10/06/2022 - 5:13pm
The SpaceX Dragon capsule Endurance arrived at the space station today (Oct. 6), ending a 29-hour orbital chase.
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World Space Week 2022: 'Learning Lunchbox' science kits reach kids across the US

Thu, 10/06/2022 - 3:00pm
Ohio's Center of Science and Industry launched a 'Learning Lunchbox' initiative to help their community in 2020. 2 years later, it has the attention of NASA and the White House.
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Ready to launch: National Air and Space Museum set to reopen with new galleries

Thu, 10/06/2022 - 2:00pm
The Smithsonian is ready to reopen the National Air and Space Museum and debut eight new galleries in Washington, DC. The reimagined exhibits include "Destination Moon" and "Exploring the Planets."
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NASA's tiny CAPSTONE probe still struggling en route to the moon

Thu, 10/06/2022 - 1:00pm
The little CAPSTONE spacecraft is stable, but engineers haven't yet regained full control as it flies towards the moon.
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Orionid meteor shower 2022: When, where & how to see it

Thu, 10/06/2022 - 12:12pm
The Orionid meteor shower peaks between Oct. 21 and Oct. 22 and is visible until early November. We explore the annual shower in more detail here.
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'Andor' episode 4 soars as we finally meet the Rebels of 'Star Wars'

Thu, 10/06/2022 - 12:00pm
Episode 4 of 'Star Wars' spinoff 'Andor' depicts Cassian Andor's first introduction to rebel forces on the planet Aldhani.
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NASA's Juno spacecraft snaps its most detailed view of Jupiter's icy moon Europa

Thu, 10/06/2022 - 11:00am
NASA's Jupiter-exploring Juno spacecraft captured its most detailed images of the ice-covered, ocean-bearing moon Europa.
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New York Comic Con 2022: The space fan's ultimate guide

Thu, 10/06/2022 - 9:49am
We've scanned the schedule and pulled out the essential panels that space lovers should make their top priority for New York Comic Con.
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How massive stars steal planets

Thu, 10/06/2022 - 9:00am
Our new paper shows how massive stars in such stellar nurseries can steal exoplanets away from each other — and what the signs of such theft are.
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See the mysterious October Camelopardalid meteor shower peak tonight (Oct. 6)

Thu, 10/06/2022 - 8:00am
The October Camelopardalids are somewhat mysterious in that astronomers aren't quite sure what their origin is.
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Explore the moon like never before with All About Space magazine

Thu, 10/06/2022 - 7:42am
All About Space issue 135 takes an in-depth look at our lunar companion, from its formation and internal structure to past, present and future exploration. Explore the latest issue here.
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Watch SpaceX's Crew-5 astronaut flight to the International Space Station live online

Thu, 10/06/2022 - 7:25am
SpaceX's Crew-5 mission is flying four people, including a Russian cosmonaut, to the International Space Station. Watch it live through docking on Oct. 6 here.
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Everything that we know about Star Trek: Discovery Season 5

Thu, 10/06/2022 - 7:19am
We go back to the future with a look at what lies ahead for Michael Burnham and her crew in Star Trek: Discovery season 5.
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SpaceX astronaut missions for NASA: Crew-5 live updates

Thu, 10/06/2022 - 7:19am
Read the latest news about SpaceX's Crew-5 mission to the International Space Station for NASA.
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Russian space officials jettison the bluster after Rogozin's departure

Thu, 10/06/2022 - 7:00am
When Dmitry Rogozin left the Russian space agency Roscosmos this summer, he apparently took his famous bluster with him.
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Watch SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch on record-tying 14th mission Thursday night

Thu, 10/06/2022 - 7:00am
SpaceX plans to launch a Falcon 9 rocket on its record-tying 14th mission Thursday (Oct. 6), and you can watch the action live.
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SpaceX launches 52 Starlink satellites, lands rocket on ship in Pacific

Wed, 10/05/2022 - 7:41pm
SpaceX launched 52 more of its Starlink internet satellites Wednesday evening (Oct. 5), just hours after launching the Crew-5 astronaut mission for NASA.
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Astronauts fly Albert Einstein doll to demo physicist's 'happiest thought'

Wed, 10/05/2022 - 4:25pm
Albert Einstein's "happiest thought" has been proven again by astronauts and a doll made in his likeness. The crew on Dragon "Endurance" revealed their zero-g indicator, a plush of the physicist.
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World Space Week: Sustaining astronomy in an age of satellite megaconstellations

Wed, 10/05/2022 - 4:00pm
The future of satellite constellations and the fight to save the night sky are reaching a crucial tipping point.
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1st Russian cosmonaut to launch with SpaceX heads to space station

Wed, 10/05/2022 - 3:25pm
Anna Kikina is the first cosmonaut to catch a ride on a SpaceX Dragon, and the first Russian to fly aboard an American spacecraft since the space shuttle era.
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