Once you can accept the Universe as matter expanding into nothing that is something, wearing stripes with plaid comes easy.

— Albert Einstein

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Turquoise Plumes in the Large Magellanic Cloud

Wed, 06/29/2022 - 8:47am
Brightly glowing plumes of the Large Magellanic Cloud appear almost like an ocean current.
Categories: Astronomy, NASA

CAPSTONE Launches for Lunar Orbit

Tue, 06/28/2022 - 8:32am
The CAPSTONE mission launched at 5:55 a.m. EDT (09:55 UTC) on Rocket Lab’s Electron rocket from New Zealand.
Categories: Astronomy, NASA

Public Affairs Specialist Tyrone McCoy

Mon, 06/27/2022 - 3:55am
"A piece of my story that I think needs to get told is that broken crayons still color." – Tyrone McCoy, Public Affairs Specialist, NASA Headquarters
Categories: Astronomy, NASA

CAPSTONE Slated for Launch Into Lunar Orbit

Fri, 06/24/2022 - 9:00am
CAPSTONE, the pathfinder for NASA’s lunar outpost, will test an orbit around the Moon that has never been flown before.
Categories: Astronomy, NASA

Mirrors Aligned: Webb Telescope’s First Full-Color Images Due in July

Thu, 06/23/2022 - 6:53am
We're counting down to the release of the Webb Telescope’s first full-color images!
Categories: Astronomy, NASA

A Sea of Stars Like Sequins

Wed, 06/22/2022 - 8:26am
Near the center of the Milky Way lies this star-studded globular cluster, called Terzan 9 in the constellation Sagittarius.
Categories: Astronomy, NASA

Viewing the Color of Space

Tue, 06/21/2022 - 8:46am
Attendees try on Oculus headsets and experience the space station using virtual reality prior to the screening of “The Color of Space”.
Categories: Astronomy, NASA

Galveston and the Beginning of Juneteenth

Fri, 06/17/2022 - 7:57am
General Order No. 3 by Union troops on June 19, 1865, marked the official end of slavery in Texas and the U.S.
Categories: Astronomy, NASA

The Progress Pride Flag Flies at NASA Headquarters

Thu, 06/16/2022 - 6:55am
The Progress Pride flag is seen flying at the Mary W. Jackson NASA Headquarters Building.
Categories: Astronomy, NASA

The Sparkle of Distant Galaxies

Wed, 06/15/2022 - 8:43am
The brilliant cascade of stars through the middle of this image is the galaxy ESO 318-13.
Categories: Astronomy, NASA

It's Flag Day

Tue, 06/14/2022 - 9:26am
Flag Day is celebrated on June 14 each year and commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States on June 14, 1777.
Categories: Astronomy, NASA

JAXA Astronaut Akihiko Hoshide Speaks With Students

Mon, 06/13/2022 - 7:19am
JAXA astronaut Akihiko Hoshide speaks with students during a visit to Arlington Science Focus Elementary School
Categories: Astronomy, NASA

Hubble Investigates an Enigmatic Star Cluster

Fri, 06/10/2022 - 8:00am
Unlike most globular clusters, Ruprecht 106 may be what astronomers call a single population globular cluster.
Categories: Astronomy, NASA

When Galaxy Clusters Collide

Thu, 06/09/2022 - 8:21am
Galaxy clusters contain hundreds of galaxies and huge amounts of hot gas and dark matter.
Categories: Astronomy, NASA

Pacific Ocean From the Space Station

Wed, 06/08/2022 - 9:00am
The International Space Station orbits into a dawn 261 miles above a cloudy Pacific Ocean in this image from April 2022.
Categories: Astronomy, NASA

Dickinson Crater on Venus

Tue, 06/07/2022 - 9:13am
This November 1996 image from Magellan shows Dickinson, an impact crater in the northeastern Atalanta Region of Venus.
Categories: Astronomy, NASA

Artemis I Moon Rocket Heads Back to Launch Pad for Testing

Mon, 06/06/2022 - 9:01am
The rocket is scheduled to launch later in 2022.
Categories: Astronomy, NASA

Apollo 1 Monument Dedication

Fri, 06/03/2022 - 7:09am
The Apollo 1 monument at Arlington National Cemetery was dedicated on Thursday, June 2, 2022, in Arlington, Va.
Categories: Astronomy, NASA

Huge Rings Around a Black Hole

Thu, 06/02/2022 - 9:33am
This image features a spectacular set of rings around a black hole.
Categories: Astronomy, NASA