Oh, would it not be absurd if there was no objective state?
What if the unobserved always waits, insubstantial,
till our eyes give it shape?

— Peter Hammill

NASA Image of the Day

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The latest NASA "Image of the Day" image.
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Hypergiant Star Canis Majoris

Fri, 03/05/2021 - 9:46am
This artist's impression of hypergiant star VY Canis Majoris shows the star's vast convection cells and violent ejections.
Categories: Astronomy, NASA

Hubble: 30 Years and Counting

Thu, 03/04/2021 - 5:26am
It's March 2021 and in about another month the Hubble Space Telescope will celebrate 31 years in space observing the universe.
Categories: Astronomy, NASA

NASA and the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge

Wed, 03/03/2021 - 8:32am
Did you know that NASA's Kennedy Space Center shares its home with the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge?
Categories: Astronomy, NASA

Kelly Latimer: Dryden's First Female Research Test Pilot

Tue, 03/02/2021 - 8:26am
Kelly J. Latimer was a research pilot in the Flight Crew Branch of NASA's Dryden (now Armstrong) Flight Research Center.
Categories: Astronomy, NASA

Mary W. Jackson NASA Headquarters Sign Installation

Mon, 03/01/2021 - 8:40am
On Thursday, Feb. 25, 2021, the Mary W. Jackson NASA Headquarters sign is installed ahead of the building naming ceremony.
Categories: Astronomy, NASA

Mary W. Jackson: NASA's First Female African American Engineer

Fri, 02/26/2021 - 7:58am
On Feb. 25, 2021, the NASA Headquarters Building in Washington D.C. was officially renamed after Mary W. Jackson, the agency's first African American female engineer.
Categories: Astronomy, NASA

Reflections from a Black Hole

Thu, 02/25/2021 - 8:27am
This 2003 composite X-ray and optical image of galaxy NGC 1068 shows gas blowing away in a high-speed wind from the vicinity of a supermassive black hole.
Categories: Astronomy, NASA

Traversing Mars' Jezero Crater

Wed, 02/24/2021 - 8:39am
This image depicts a possible area through which the Mars 2020 Perseverance rover could traverse across Jezero Crater.
Categories: Astronomy, NASA

Perseverance Snaps Its First Full-Color Image of Mars

Tue, 02/23/2021 - 9:09am
This is the first high-resolution, color image to be sent back by the Hazard Cameras (Hazcams) on the underside of NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover after its landing.
Categories: Astronomy, NASA

Alvin Drew: Down to Earth

Mon, 02/22/2021 - 2:28am
On Feb. 28, 2011, NASA astronaut Alvin Drew participates in the STS-133 mission's first spacewalk as construction and maintenance continue on the International Space Station.
Categories: Astronomy, NASA

Perseverance Rover Lands on the Red Planet

Fri, 02/19/2021 - 5:14am
NASAs Perseverance Rover lands on Mars.
Categories: Astronomy, NASA

Showcasing the Rover at the Perseverance Engineering and Technology Overview

Thu, 02/18/2021 - 8:24am
During the Mars Perseverance engineering and technology overview on Feb. 16, 2021, chief engineer Adam Steltzner displays a rover wheel.
Categories: Astronomy, NASA

The Empire State Building Illuminated for Mars Perseverance

Wed, 02/17/2021 - 8:18am
The Empire State Building is illuminated in red to celebrate this Thursday's scheduled landing on Mars of NASA's Perseverance rover, Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2021.
Categories: Astronomy, NASA

Astrobiologist Kennda Lynch Uses Analogs on Earth to Find Life on Mars

Tue, 02/16/2021 - 7:40pm
If we find life on the Red Planet, we'll have astrobiologists like Dr. Kennda Lynch to thank.
Categories: Astronomy, NASA

Bernard Harris: First African American Spacewalker

Fri, 02/12/2021 - 7:27am
A physician, flight surgeon, and NASA astronaut, Bernard Harris became the first African American to perform a spacewalk in February 1995, .
Categories: Astronomy, NASA

Crystal Clear: Observing Crystal Growth on the Space Station

Thu, 02/11/2021 - 7:00am
There are more than 100,000 proteins in the human body. Every structure is different, and each one of them holds important information related to our health.
Categories: Astronomy, NASA

The Coalsack Nebula

Wed, 02/10/2021 - 8:07am
This stunning image captures a small region on the edge of the inky Coalsack Nebula, or Caldwell 99.
Categories: Astronomy, NASA

Sunrise Over the Pacific

Tue, 02/09/2021 - 8:56am
This view of a sunrise breaking through the Earth's horizon was taken as the International Space Station orbited 271 miles above the Pacific Ocean off the coast of southern Chile.
Categories: Astronomy, NASA

Jeanette Epps: Astronaut and Aerospace Engineer

Mon, 02/08/2021 - 6:44am
In this image from 2018, NASA astronaut Jeanette Epps trains in a U.S. spacesuit at the Johnson Space Center.
Categories: Astronomy, NASA