Once you can accept the Universe as matter expanding into nothing that is something, wearing stripes with plaid comes easy.

— Albert Einstein



this is the comlete island

this is the comlete island of manhatten on the horizon and you can see clifton, passaic, the meadowlands, etc in the foreground.

that LA landscape is amazing. similar idea that i had but I did not get the moon in my pic because the clouds got too thick. the LA topography is more mountainous and hilly. it's a different kind of landscape. still pretty. I wonder what the air smells like there. it's supposed to be hazy and smoggy(or even foggy looking), but the air here is so stinky from all this traffic, power plants, factories, etc.-- it can't be much worse in LA. and it's a weather tends to be milder and more sunnier(more sunny days than cloudy days). I hope i can visit the area some day.

you can see all the light pollution lighting up the clouds in my pic! the clouds were pretty !


Which skyline is this?
nice pic
Did you see this amazing one?