Personally, I don't think there's intelligent life on other planets. Why should other planets be any different from this one?

— Bob Monkhouse

Receding Eclipse with Blue/Green glow

Receding Eclipse with Blue/Green glow

Shot with Nikon Coolpix mounted on a Meade ETX 90, unguided.Photo data, 1 sec, f 4.0, 21.3 mm focal length, ISO 400, at 11:16 PM.

Hi. I hope to some day get

Hi. I hope to some day get a few people's names, phone numbers, and emails. I'm Jan and I was sitting next to John. Hopefully I can get to know people better and be friends with everyone. I might join the club if that can get me to more places to observe. My ride only goes to certain areas. thanks. at the least, if everyone gets my email they can email me some astro jokes or some wild astro pics. thanks. I'll try to remember to ask if anyone wants to exchange emails at the next meeting. Hopefully the school gets the climate control fixed one day. the room is always extremely hot(winter and summer) and it seems that the blower/ventilation system in that room is not operating.