"The large-scale homogeneity of the universe makes it very difficult to believe that the structure of the universe is determined by anything so peripheral as some complicated molecular structure on a minor planet orbiting a very average star in the outer suburbs of a fairly typical galaxy."

— Steven Hawking



I'm always trying something new.  Tuesday evening was no different.  This image was taken using my new G8 mount, Starlight Xpress ccd SVX-H9, filter wheel, Ha filter, required diagonal to focus, 5x Televue lens.  I used the Ha filter to cut the light and allow imaging the planet and moons at the same time.  Taken between 11 and 11:45 pm in Whiting, NJ.   261 combined images 0.6 exposures, processed in Adobe and Registax5.  The three moons are Io, Europa and Ganymede upper right hand corner.  Whew!

Jupiter in ha?

never saw that b4
very kool