Two possibilities exist: Either we are alone in the Universe or we are not.
Both are equally terrifying.

— Arthur C. Clarke

Infinite Dreams

Infinite Dreams

I hope you all like this picture.  It looked yellow when I saw it but I don't see yellow in the pic.  When the moon was appearing over the rooftops it looked bigger and like I was looking through a soap bubble.  Weird.  I hope this file is not too big or redundant.  I thought it was interesting.   I seem to be taking a lot of moon pics lately.  By the time I got the camera out the buble effect disappeared.  I set the cam to manual exposure and manual focus.  Now that I think some more... I could of cropped the pic and file would of been smaller.   I was planning on doing that but tried making a collage first.   And could not upload the collage, so I found one pic/file and uploaded it before the thought of cropping came back.   I wonder how many people view these pics.   So only a small number of people view or upload here, it seems.   Maybe I can learn more about photobucket or try something else eventually.   I've been hesitent to upload any pics elsewhere.

I probably got confused

I probably got confused between different things, like uploading pic, viewing pic, leavaing comments, starting blogs,etc. So anyone can view pics, but to upload pics, leave comments/blogs--that you have to be a member and be logged in. I don't always notice everything or figure out everything. I make mistakes and I sometimes get confused. I try my best. But I'm learning something new every day and hopefully I'll remember some of the new things for a while !!

Are the pics on this this site considered copyrighted. Can they be downloaded by others and then someone else can claim ownership of a pic.

Is there any way to know who is viewing the pics and how many people on a certain day? has an insight feature that can give me certain kinds of info on who's watching my videos, how they were found, etc. And even without the insight screen youtube displays approximate number of views right under the video and people can leave a rating.

Everybody can see any pic

Why you saying you have to be logged in to view pictures?
Did you try?
Or is this like the spam by Hada?

Is very simple
Log out and go Galleries - Astrophotograpy from the menu
NO COMMENTS could be made if NOT logged in


Your best, so far ;)