All's not as it appears, this tale has many twists -
but if I wasn't here documenting the story
would that mean that the plot did not exist?

— Peter Hammill

Constellation Canes Venatici

Constellation Canes Venatici

While attempting to image M106 this hour long exposure also shows NGC4220 and NGC4111. I was'nt sure if NGC4111 was an actual object until I found another image of the same area which had shown the same object in the same location.   Next attempt to image M106 will be a guided image thru my CPC11.

Wide Field image shows more


Other possibilities

NGC4217 appears just left of M106....... and to the left near the edge may be another object, need to investigate....... hmmmmmmm.

Wide field?

Interesting session you had...You mention Wide Field image shows more you have it?Or this is the Wide Field image?