Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

— Arthur C. Clarke's Third Law

Giant Rockets from NASA in our future



From the days of our previous moon landings, we felt nothing could be larger than the Saturn V rocket, hurling the Lunar Lander and appendages towards the moon.

We then create a fabulous space telescope, "Hubble" and over the following years it has given us stupendous views of the cosmos.

Today the Ares V and its upper shroud can house over 5 school buses, mass-wise it can haul over 16 school buses!!

Comparing it to todays Space Shuttle, the Ares V can haul six times more mass and three times the volume.

With these changes the Ares V will be able to lift aa 8 meter monolithic telescope into space. Hubble is only 2.4 meters!

Consider if a telescope was engineered to unfold! WOW!!! Our little 2.4 meter Hubble has amazed science. What will an 8 meter (or larger) do!

Our space telescope future looks exciting indeed!

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