There are many worlds and many systems of Universes existing all at the same time, all of them perishable.

— Anaximander 546 BC

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Cool Astronomy News

Lots of cool astronomy news coming out of Washington this week!

See: NASA at AAS

Hubble Opens New Eyes on the Universe


New Hubble Images

Free Spirit

Latest Spirit News - Updates on the efforts to free the Spirit rover.

Solar Fireworks

Looks like there's a nice sunspot group on the Sun -- some nice solar fireworks for the 4th of July! Biggest group I've seen in quite sometime. It is right on the meridian.

4th of July Sunspots

Astrophotography Contest

In celebration of the International Year of Astronomy, DISCOVER and Celestron are hosting an exciting astronomy photo contest. Bad Astronomy blogger Phil Plait will be choosing the top ten photos which will be featured in a special photo gallery for all to see!

Contest ends on June 30, 2009. Prizes include a Celestron Nextstar 8SE.

Capture the Universe Contest

Comet Lulin

Here is a finder chart for Comet Lulin which is gettign brighter now. It will soon be near the bright star Spica. This is for about 1:00 am. Later in the morning hours the comet will be higher in the sky.

Comet Lulin Chart

New Dwarf Planet

The IAU has designated "Makemake" a dwarf planet, with Ceres, Eris and Pluto, that brings the total to
four. Makemake (pronounced MAH-kay MAH-kay) is named for the Easter Island creator of humanity.

Ice indirectly confirmed at Phoenix landing site

10:15 PM, 6/19/08, Update: Ice indirectly confirmed at Phoenix landing site

Scientists examining photographs from the Mars Phoenix lander say the disappearance of clumps of material in a trench dug by the spacecraft's robot arm provides convincing evidence of exposed ice that subsequently vaporized. The robot arm, meanwhile, digging a nearby trench, ran into a hard layer of material that scientists believe may be a subsurface layer of ice at the same depth where the now-vanished chunks were uncovered.

ISS Passes

Looks like there's some good passes of the Space Station happening, including a nice evening pass next Thursday around 9:30pm: 

Comet Boattini

C/2007 W1 (Boattini):  

Keep an eye on this comet - it may reach 6th magnitude or better during early evening hours in late May before it gets too close to the Sun. See: 

Looks like it'll actually get quite close to Earth but unfortuantely will be in the daytime sky at that point and so not viewable. :-(