"Time and space are modes in which we think and not conditions in which we live."

— Albert Einstein

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Moon on Thursday January 8, 2015

I was driving north on Route 539 from Whiting, NJ  7 a.m.  when I noticed a strange looking Moon.  In the upper right side there was what appeared to be a "slice" in the Moon.   What in the world?  I looked and looked, could not believe my eyes.  No clouds as it was absolutely clear.  I rolled down my window, no change.  Took off my glasses, no change.  What?   About 15 minutes down the road I noticed that the Moon was back to normal.  But what caused the appearance of the "knife-like slice"  on the Moon?   Did

Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a very Happy, and Healthy New Year's for 2015.  Tonight I got a treat after switching my tv to channel 169, TCM, and watched ELVIS PRESLEY TOUR from the past.  When Elvis was around and making his mark, I was the very least interested in him and his music, mostly him.  Neverattended any of his performances.  Tonight it was a treat because the music brought back some old time memories.  It even brought out some tears of joy.  And made me laugh, yes laugh as I watched those girls going wild, screaming and begging for him to give them a kiss.&nbsp

Comet 103p/Hartley2

This video was taken with my newly purchased Astrotech 111EDT telescope, Starlight Xpress ccd SVXF-H9 and guider, on a CGEM mount, 37x60 sec images combined of Comet 103p/Hartley2. Wait and watch as the comet moves between two stars and ends past another bright star (I did not get their names). Taken from Whiting, New Jersey

Unusual catch

Check out the rare chance movie imaged from Earth of Io casting a shadow on Ganymede at

Space Shuttle

Did anyone see the AMAZING image of the Space Shuttle transit of the Sun? It was posted as Picture of the Day on www.astromart.com ? You can most likely still see it...amazing shot.

It has been said the Moon is at its' closest !

Recently the talk has been just how close the Moon would be this week, some saying the closest ever!

Where are they NOW !

Not concerned about the lack of Sunspots but more so as to where are the bats, mosquits, and flying insects in general.  Since the report of bats having a white substance on their nose and wings which seems to be the cause of their dying, I have notice that the bats normally flying in my area are no longer here.  They definately kept the mosquitos away.  Last week there were some mosquitos flying around my head (at night), that's when I noticed that the bats were gone.  A couple of nights later, no flying insects.  The street lights had no flying insects around them

Unexpected sighting

 Setting up my sd Skysensor controlled Vixen mount in front of my yard when I noticed the day or 2 day old Moon in the west, just down the street (so it seemed).  I also noticed a "bright star"  southeast of the Moon and questioned myself could that be Mercury?