All's not as it appears, this tale has many twists -
but if I wasn't here documenting the story
would that mean that the plot did not exist?

— Peter Hammill

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Fluke review: A vivid account of chaos and life's unpredictability

Wed, 01/31/2024 - 1:00pm
A rare family murder adds piquancy to Brian Klaas's account of "chance, chaos and why everything we do matters"
Categories: Astronomy

Smart hat senses when traffic lights change and tells you via an app

Wed, 01/31/2024 - 11:00am
Long-lasting hats, jumpers and watch straps that function as smart devices can be made thanks to a cheap and reliable method of creating conductive fibre that can be woven into fabric
Categories: Astronomy

Record broken for the coldest temperature reached by large molecules

Wed, 01/31/2024 - 11:00am
Four-atom molecules glued together by microwaves have broken the record for being the most complicated molecule to reach temperatures just billionths of a degree away from absolute zero
Categories: Astronomy

Modern humans were already in northern Europe 45,000 years ago

Wed, 01/31/2024 - 11:00am
DNA from bones found in a cave in Germany has been identified as from Homo sapiens, showing that our species endured frigid conditions there as they expanded across the continent
Categories: Astronomy

The gold hydrogen rush: Does Earth contain near-limitless clean fuel?

Wed, 01/31/2024 - 11:00am
Prospectors around the world are scrambling to find reserves of "gold hydrogen", a naturally occurring fuel that burns without producing carbon dioxide. But how much is really out there and how easy is it to tap into?
Categories: Astronomy

India's first snow leopard survey puts population at just 718

Wed, 01/31/2024 - 10:37am
Officials set up almost 2000 camera traps covering 120,000 square kilometres to estimate the number of snow leopards in India’s mountainous regions
Categories: Astronomy

Alice in Wonderland syndrome mapped in the brain to improve treatments

Wed, 01/31/2024 - 7:00am
Scientists have mapped the brain circuit behind a form of Alice in Wonderland syndrome, when someone sees themselves or others in distorted proportions, in research that could improve how it is treated
Categories: Astronomy

What we know about the stars where NASA will hunt for alien life

Wed, 01/31/2024 - 2:00am
Scientists have analysed the stars that an upcoming NASA telescope will target in its search for biosignatures, narrowing down the candidates for those that could host potential extraterrestrial life
Categories: Astronomy

Watch parrots use their beaks for a newly identified form of motion

Tue, 01/30/2024 - 7:01pm
Not only can parrots fly and walk, they can also swing along branches using their beaks, in a technique researchers are calling beakiation
Categories: Astronomy

Neuralink: What do brain implants do and why is Elon Musk making them?

Tue, 01/30/2024 - 2:40pm
Elon Musk's Neuralink company is conducting its first human trials, implanting a tiny chip onto the surface of a person's brain to allow them to talk directly with computers
Categories: Astronomy

Racial and ethnic disparities undermine dementia care in the US

Tue, 01/30/2024 - 1:00pm
A review of dementia research highlights unequal healthcare outcomes for Black and Hispanic people in the US
Categories: Astronomy

A bold new take on quantum theory could reveal how reality emerges

Tue, 01/30/2024 - 11:02am
At the smallest scales, everything is made out of a cloud of quantum possibilities. A new idea attempts to explain how our everyday world comes from this, using the laws of thermodynamics
Categories: Astronomy

Spider webs collect DNA that reveals the species living nearby

Tue, 01/30/2024 - 11:00am
DNA analysis of spider webs from two locations in Australia identified dozens of vertebrate species, suggesting a new approach to wildlife monitoring
Categories: Astronomy

Could combatting loneliness extend the lives of people with obesity?

Tue, 01/30/2024 - 10:00am
A recent study suggests that reducing social isolation among people with obesity helps them live longer, but it's not easy to prove that's definitely the case
Categories: Astronomy

Slight flight altitude changes could slash aviation's climate impact

Tue, 01/30/2024 - 9:30am
Contrail clouds that form behind planes are responsible for much of the climate warming effects of flying. Small altitude adjustments would help minimise them
Categories: Astronomy

Galaxy smash-ups may explain strange light from early universe

Tue, 01/30/2024 - 4:00am
Light from hydrogen in the early universe has baffled astronomers, but researchers have spotted interacting galaxies that could explain how it makes its way to us
Categories: Astronomy

AI can better retain what it learns by mimicking human sleep

Tue, 01/30/2024 - 4:00am
An AI inspired by the way humans form long-term memories during sleep can learn to perform tasks better than existing models
Categories: Astronomy

Orangutan calls have an intricate structure resembling human language

Tue, 01/30/2024 - 3:06am
Calls made by male orangutans to attract females have short sequences nested inside longer sequences – a feature called recursion that was thought to be unique to human language
Categories: Astronomy

The Ingenuity helicopter’s Mars mission is over, but it left a legacy

Tue, 01/30/2024 - 2:00am
After nearly three years of exploring Mars, NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter has taken its final flight – but its astounding performance is a good sign for future drones on other worlds
Categories: Astronomy

JWST has taken extraordinary images of 19 nearby spiral galaxies

Mon, 01/29/2024 - 2:24pm
Astronomers have used the James Webb Space Telescope to take astonishingly detailed images of spiral galaxies, revealing how and where they spark star formation
Categories: Astronomy