Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

— Arthur C. Clarke's Third Law

Side View

Side View

Side View showing screw placements. Slot for bino plate allows for repositioning of the plate to the stored position. The idea is to cover the mirro and at the same time offer a spot to store the binoculars as well as a small binder with the star charts in it. A box would cover the whole things for further protection and transporting. The reason for high side walls is to protect from side light pollution in the backyard. Neighbors lights and street lights are intense. (I can barely see the North Star!!!!) The system will be versatile to be used on a table (sitting position) or a special homemade crutch tripod with a large platform (standing position).

Binocular mount

I guess you made everything here. Looks good. Did you use a router?