Who are we? We find that we live on an insignificant planet of a humdrum star lost in a galaxy tucked away in some forgotten corner of a universe in which there are far more galaxies than people

— Carl Sagan


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They Made It! Japan's Two Hopping Rovers Successfully Land on Asteroid Ryugu

Sat, 09/22/2018 - 9:30am
A pair of tiny Japanese robots sent back wild images once they successfully landed on their new home, the asteroid Ryugu.
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On This Day in Space! Sept. 22, 2006: Japan Launches Solar Observatory

Sat, 09/22/2018 - 8:15am
On Sept. 22, 2006, the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency launched a sun-observing satellite called Hinode, or Solar-B.
Categories: Astronomy

This Week's Top Space Stories!

Sat, 09/22/2018 - 8:04am
A Japanese billionaire is the first SpaceX lunar tourist, tiny "rovers" begin their descent on asteroid Ryugu and a bizarre quantum physics phenomenon says objects can be two temperatures at once. These are some of the top stories this week from Space.com
Categories: Astronomy

Hologram of NASA Astronaut Mae Jemison Arrives at NYC's Intrepid Museum

Sat, 09/22/2018 - 7:55am
Visitors at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum on the Hudson River here in New York can now come face to face with a hologram of Mae Jemison, the first African-American woman in space.
Categories: Astronomy

Japanese Cargo Ship Launching Toward Space Station Today: Watch Live

Sat, 09/22/2018 - 7:53am
A Japanese cargo spacecraft is scheduled to launch toward the International Space Station today (Sept. 22), and you can watch the action live.
Categories: Astronomy

Rover Team Confident Curiosity Will Bounce Back from Glitch

Sat, 09/22/2018 - 7:52am
It's still unclear exactly what's ailing NASA's Curiosity Mars rover, but mission team members are optimistic they can get the six-wheeled robot up and running again.
Categories: Astronomy

Why the Autumnal Equinox Doesn't Fall on the Same Day Every Year

Sat, 09/22/2018 - 7:49am
Autumn is right around the corner for everyone in the Northern Hemisphere, while those in the Southern Hemisphere are gearing up for warmer spring weather.
Categories: Astronomy

Japanese Cargo Ship Launches Toward Space Station

Sat, 09/22/2018 - 2:27am
A robotic Japanese resupply ship launched toward the International Space Station today (Sept. 22), kicking off a four-day orbital chase.
Categories: Astronomy

Astronaut Scholarship Foundation Launches Exclusive Retro 51 Pen

Fri, 09/21/2018 - 11:00am
A new collectible pen comes with a unique feature: the ability to help launch the future of U.S. space exploration.
Categories: Astronomy

Peace in Space: World Leaders to Discuss Peaceful Uses of the Cosmos at UN Event

Fri, 09/21/2018 - 9:59am
Next week, leaders in space from around the world will come together for Space2030: Space As a Driver for Peace, an event that will take place at the 73rd session of the U.N. General Assembly.
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Image of the Day

Fri, 09/21/2018 - 9:40am
More than 1,000 galaxies of various shapes and sizes huddle together inside the Coma Cluster, which lies about 32 million light-years away from Earth in the constellation of Coma Berenices, also known as "Berenice's Hair."
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The New BFR: How SpaceX's Giant Rocket-Spaceship Combo for Mars Has Changed

Fri, 09/21/2018 - 7:21am
SpaceX's Mars-colonizing BFR spaceflight system just went through a growth spurt.
Categories: Astronomy

NASA's New Planet-Hunting Telescope Spots Its Second Possible World Already

Fri, 09/21/2018 - 7:06am
Scientists poring over data from NASA's newest planet-hunting telescope have announced that they've spotted a second possible planet, just three days after many of the same team members announced their first find.
Categories: Astronomy

Air Force Secretary Lays Roadmap to a New Space Force

Fri, 09/21/2018 - 6:46am
Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson submitted the most detailed plan seen to date on how the military's space forces would transition to a new branch. She proposes a force of 13,000 people with an initial budget of about $3.3 billion.
Categories: Astronomy

By Jove! Juno Snaps Picture of Elusive 'Brown Barge' on Jupiter

Fri, 09/21/2018 - 6:45am
NASA's Juno spacecraft caught a quick glimpse of a "brown barge" emerging from the silky bands across Jupiter's southern hemisphere.
Categories: Astronomy

The Most Amazing Space Photos This Week!

Fri, 09/21/2018 - 4:04am
Here are our picks for the most amazing space photos of the week.
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A Space-Themed Band from London Just Rocked Out with NASA's Shuttle Enterprise in NYC

Fri, 09/21/2018 - 3:10am
London-based band Public Service Broadcasting performed its beloved album "The Race for Space" alongside NASA's space shuttle Enterprise aboard the Intrepid aircraft carrier in honor of NASA's 60th anniversary.
Categories: Astronomy

Are Japanese Hopping Robots Safe on Asteroid Ryugu?

Fri, 09/21/2018 - 3:00am
Two little hopping rovers appear to have hit their asteroid target, but it's still unclear if they're safe and sound on the surface.
Categories: Astronomy

Japanese Probe Drops Tiny Hopping Robots Toward Big Asteroid Ryugu

Fri, 09/21/2018 - 1:30am
Two tiny hopping robots have begun their historic attempt to land on an asteroid in deep space.
Categories: Astronomy

Rockers Coheed and Cambria Are Heading to a 'Planetary Prison'

Fri, 09/21/2018 - 1:16am
Coheed and Cambria's ninth studio album "Vaxis – Act I: The Unheavenly Creatures" is a return to their sci-fi universe.
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