Behold, directly overhead, a certain strange star was suddenly seen...
Amazed, and as if astonished and stupefied, I stood still.

— Tycho Brahe

New Jersey State Botanical Gardens

I went to see the gardens up in Ringwood today.  It's really beautiful.  The annuals and perennials are still in bloom.  You can spend quite a bit of time up there.  Member Maja Britton advised us to see the new scale model of the solar system that runs the length of the Crab Apple trees. 

There seems to be some controversy up there with caterer renting Skylands Manor. 

I draw your attention to a Public Hearing at the Department of Environmental Protection in Trenton, on September 8, 2008 at 3 p.m. The purpose of this hearing is to extend the lease of the current caterer, known as Mansion Caterers, Inc., from a 20- to a 30-year lease.  

The link for the Gardens is below.  Enjoy the gardens.  They are great.