Watch the stars and from them learn. To the Master's honor all must turn, Each in its track, without a sound, Forever tracing Newton's ground

— Albert Einstein

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air pollution

Doesn't it seem strange that there's all this media attention on global warming and nothing on general air pollution and it's effects on quality of life and health? The weather channel does mention ozone and air quality a little during the summer. I think there should be more documentaries and major media attenion on what air pollution is and what effects it has on human health.

light pollution

Does anyone know why there is a trend toward wide dispersion street lamps? And most of the newer lamps are brighter and provide a wider area of light. I think there's little concern on efficient use of electric power and no concern for light pollution(for the most part). Wouldn't street lamps be more effective and efficient if they were more focused and directional? I've seen new lamps put up on old highway lamp towers, and the new luminaire design is extremely wide dispersion and the old ones looked more like flashlights( more parabolic looking reflector and almost flat lens).